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If you are coming to this page...

2010-01-23 16:55:34 by Fungerbobble

I don't know how you have done it but you have found to my page. My name is Maximilian Fleischer and my friends call my Max. I live in Koblenz Germany, 100km west of Frankfurt with my 2 dogs, Alexander and Koko, and my cat Sofie. I have written music for about 4 years since I am 17. I write drum and bass for a hobby to keep me from being bored. I don't want to be an expert musician on the radio because I have a job I like to do. I am a mechanik that works for automobiles and it is the favorite job I have ever done. But I still enjoy to write music, it makes me relaxe when I have a hard day at work. I hope you are joyful to listen to this music, and thank you for looking my post!

Enjoy a picture of my cat, Sofie!

If you are coming to this page...


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2010-01-23 17:40:45

Oh! She is adorable! How old is she? She looks so dainty! But if she's anything like my cat right after this picture was taken she probably went back to beating up the dogs, right?

Fungerbobble responds:

No haha, one of my dog is too tough to her, he likes to push very hard and just want to play XD but she is almost 2 month old now and she is very crazy haha!


2011-06-16 07:25:35

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